August- CE CLASS Robert Locke (Building a Killer Property Management Agreement)

NARPM Meeting/ Luncheon

Split Session

August 16th 9:30-11:00AM Luncheon 1:30-3PM

Doubletree Roswell

1075 Holcombe Bridge Road

Speaker: Robert Locke   

"Building a Killer Property Management Agreement" 

Course Description

The property management agreement is the foundation for your entire management business; yet managers don’t pay close attention to what theirs says and too often don’t follow it. Since the management agreement defines their style, their model, their relationship with the owner and tenant, and their duties and risks they should look more closely at what it actually says. Many just adopt their industry-standard form and attempt to work within that one-size-fits-all model. Developing a customized agreement is critical to the efficiency of their business model, scalability, profitability and ultimate value of their company so in this class we examine closely what it should and shouldn’t say.

Hour One Learning Objective

At the end of this hour, students will be ready to select which style of manager they want to be and how to structure their property management agreement to accomplish their goals.

I. Big Picture Issues - Structure

A. The management agreement foundation

1. 2 Styles of managing rentals

2. Big A vs small a agency

3. 2 strategies you must embrace

4. Your options for building a management agreement

5. filters to run your management agreement through

Hour Two Learning Objective

At the end of this hour, students will be able to identify the language and issues they don’t want in their management agreement.

II. Things you never put in your PMA

1. Reduce data collection

2. Stop offering options

3. Reduce/eliminate conflicts with owners

4. Drop fill-in-the-blank strategies

5. Drop checkbox-strategies

6. Reconstruct signature page

Hour Three Learning Objective

At the end of this hour, students will be able to list the critical stipulations they must have in their property management agreement.

III. Things you always want in your property management agreement

1. Manage the labels

2. What is the primary driver

3. What is your authority to manage (POA/AIF/Agent)

4. List your duties clearly

5. Disclose, disclose, disclose

6. Don’t forget the Entire Agreement clause

7. Add a Right to Modify clause

8. Minimum account balance limits

9. Stop the signature page madness

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Thursday, August 16, 2018


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